World First Aid Day 2018

Top five life-saving techniques everyone should know.

World First Aid Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in September every year. This year, the global event falls on 8th September 2018. The indecisiveness of bystanders and wastage of precious time can seriously endanger the victim’s life and drastically reduce his chances of survival. After an accident, if life-saving measures are immediately applied to the victims, they stand a greater chance of survival and also a reduction in the adverse consequences of their injuries. The victim needs to be stabilized before the arrival of emergency medical help.


Reach out to the injured people, avoid overcrowding, assess conscious level, keep neck stable. See if they are bleeding from any part of the body, try to stop the bleeding immediately with the help of a cloth or press the wound with your palm, splint the part if suspected fracture and seek medical help.


Check if the person is breathing and no obstruction is coming in his breathing passage. If secretions are more put them on one side. Keep the mouth open, and use your fingers to clear the throat or blow air in his mouth if he stops responding.


In most cases, the accident victims start feeling cold due to loss of blood and injuries. So cover the person with the help of a t-shirt, a jacket or any cloth available at that time. Shift them to hospital or ambulance with the help of spine board when a patient has head and spine injury. Do not carry the victim without support.


Do not try to feed a person just after the accident took place, it can lead to choking. Wait for any medical help to reach and let the doctor allow to give something to the patient.


If a person is not breathing properly, unconscious and no central pulse you need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which consists of mouth to mouth breathing and chest compression at the rate of 30:2 (Compression: Ventilation).