PSC-SOHSP provides services to promote the culture of Health and Safety through its workshops and seminars. These workshops and seminars are conducted in various parts of the country, with the participation and collaboration of its stakeholders.

Following services are provided by PSC-SOHSP

Training’s and Skills

OHS conducts training programs and courses related to Health and Safety. OHS creates and develops related health and safety course materials, to cater the needs of its audience and stakeholders. Course materials are developed by OHS with reference to the needs and requirements of the industry and at the same time comply with necessary and applicable laws and regulations.

These training courses and programs are conducted in collaboration of educational institutes drug rehab, organizations and related stakeholders. OHS training courses provide useful and practical education, in the field of Health and Safety.

Consulting & Audit

PSC-SOHSP provides health and safety related consulting and auditing services for their clients. PSC-SOHSP and its team possess expertise in the field of health and safety and remain updated about the related prevailing laws, regulations and amendments. PSC-SOHSP better understands the current needs and requirements of individuals and organizations and accordingly provide consultation and auditing services in this specialized field.


PSC-SOHSP provides its services of recruitment of individuals, students and professionals in health and safety sector or industry. These services are provided keeping in view the OHS’s expertise in health and safety field and its association with different health sector organizations.

PSC-SOHSP better understands this sector due to its core objective of promoting the health and safety measures with the collaboration of different related stakeholders, institutes and organizations.