PSC Ambassadors

The PSC Safety Ambassador Program

Too many people are dying from preventable injuries. Today, unintentional injuries have risen to become the third leading cause of death around the World, but each of us can take action to reverse this trend.

Though safety improvements can be made in many ways, you can take steps right now to protect your loved ones, and you can Join PSC Safety Ambassador program. The more of us who join, the safer our communities will be.

What is a Safety Ambassador?

A Safety Ambassador is a person who takes action to bring safety into our homes and communities.

What’s in it for me?

Safety Ambassadors receive an official certificate from the Pakistan Safety Council to show that they are helping PSC reach its goal of eliminating preventable deaths. Your certificate can be hung in your office and added to your resume or social media profiles.

"Our Ambassadors"

Is there a cost involved?

There is no cost.

If I complete an activity, am I a Safety Ambassador forever?

No. Each year, you will need to complete and submit another eligible activity.

Do on-the-job trainings, meetings or toolbox-talks qualify me to become a Safety Ambassador?

No. While PSC recognizes the role of these activities in keeping people safe, the goal of the Safety Ambassador Program is to encourage individuals to bring safety back home and into their communities.

Complete an PSC Activity

‘Below are eligible Safety Ambassador activities, you may need to document your activity in some way, such as taking a photo of your group meeting or presentation, a screenshot of your digital activities.

-Give a presentation at work or in your community
 1. COVID19
 2. Safe Driving
 3. Home Safety
 4. Work at Height
 5. Construction Safety
 6. Fatigue

-Share PSC Social Media posts; it’s as simple as copy and paste.
-Commemorate World Safety Day or International Labor Day.

Fill out link below form to tell us about the activity you completed. Please provide a photo or supporting documentation and a description of the activity, including the location and how many people you reached.

Once your activity is approved, we’ll send your certificate in the mail.