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As the world’s biggest professional health and safety membership organisation, we’re the voice of the profession, campaigning on issues that affect millions of working people.
The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration site provides full text of construction and general industry regulations. Their e-tools section is particularly well-regarded by working safety professionals.
The Environmental Protection Agency’s site has full text of air, water, and ground contamination legislation with a “key topics” list to assist in finding what you seek.
The Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration site provides full text of mine safety requirements—many of which affect industries that use mineral products. A list of special initiatives in included to help anticipate enforcement priorities.
The Department of Transportation’s site provides the “TransStats” database, and a “quick-answers” link to transportation-related questions.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s site offers vehicle information and highway safety statistics.
The Centers for Disease Control site offers current information of bioterror threats and epidemiology information.
Is a subset of the CDC site, but is specific to occupational health and safety topics.
The Voluntary Programs Participants Association is for companies interested in participating in OSHA’s programs. This site provides all needed information with a multitude of background on the program and participants.
The Minerals Management Service’s site provides everything from offshore information to a kids page. Non-Governmental Standards
The American National Standards Institute is a membership/subscription based organization that is the repository for most consensus and non-regulatory standards in the U.S. Access to standards is by added cost to users.
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers publishes numerous codes and standards for a wide variety of equipment. They are commonly known for their boiler and pressure vessel standards. Their publications are sold via this website.
This organization, formerly known as the American Society of Testing and Materials, is now called “ASTM-International.” They provide standards and technical publications on a cash basis via this website.
The American Welding Society has numerous articles on welding at this website. Their publications include “best practice” manuals and code-and-standard information.
The National Fire Protection Association publishes standards for buildings, storage areas, sprinkler systems, portable fire extinguishers, and much more, including the ubiquitous “Life Safety Code.” NFPA’s materials are sold via this site. General Safety Related Information
This pay-for-use site has good feedback from those who have tried it. A wide variety of ready-to-modify procedures and safety plans are provided that members can take without copyright infringement. Training materials, power-point presentations, and ready-to-use forms are also provided to members.
This site bills itself as “America’s largest online safety library” with over 5,000 printable pages available to paid users. Interviewees who tried the site are pleased with the value.
This site specializes in risk-management tools for subscribers. It has been favorably reviewed by users.
This site bills itself as the “Free Safety Site” on the net. The contents are useful, and are free for download. The site is run by Mr. Bryan Haywood, who takes great pride in the contents and publications available there. Specialty Sites
The site of the American Building Contractors has information on construction and construction safety.
The Grain Elevator And Processing Society has information on grain elevator safety and dust explosions.
The Lab Safety Supply company’s site has some background information on laboratory safety and industrial hygiene including some training materials.
This site has child safety information and resources including a “media center” and special kits for schools.
This site has up-to-date MSDS information on a wide variety of materials.
Specializing in ergonomics, this site offers software, training, and consulting services. Users who have tried the service are satisfied with their offerings.
The SKC company manufactures and sells industrial hygiene equipment. Their site includes lots of background information on IH that can be downloaded free.
This site specializes in crane accident information and photos. Don’t miss this one if your company uses cranes! This is one of the most-mentioned sites among surveyed safety professionals.
Asbestos is a toxic, dangerous and prolific natural product that has caused tens of thousands of deaths. Every citizen should be aware of its dangers, how it was used and the risks that it still poses today.