International Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health Management

Total Qualification Time

Learners can complete this diploma course in a period of one year.
Learning Mode: Distance & Tutor Support

Qualification Structure

The International Diploma comprises three mandatory units.

Unit 1 – Strategic Management and Safeguards of Health and Safety
Unit 2 – Positive Practices and Awareness at Workplace
Unit 3 – Health and safety research, ethics and emergency management

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that candidates entered for the International Diploma have:

either a Certificate-level qualification in occupational safety and health;
or an alternative appropriate qualification in a related sector;
or appropriate experience in a health and safety role;
and a level of literacy and numeracy adequate to cope with their assessments.

This recommendation is intended to ensure that all candidates who enter for the International Diploma can undertake the assessments with a reasonable expectation of success.

Language of Assessment

The qualification is assessed in English only. Assessments will be presented in English and candidates must respond in English.


No Exam, Assignment based qualification.

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