Professionals Membership

OHS realizes that professionals in different areas of the fields are the working force with expert knowledge and practical experience that drives an economy towards prosperity and growth.
The professionals contribute significantly in society through their work and professional behavior. True professionalism lies in creating other professionals through creating more jobs and businesses in an economy.

-Requirements of Membership

There is a minimum qualification requirement for membership of professionals, which are mentioned as follows:
* Graduate in any discipline * Diploma in HSE or OSH * Certification in HSE, (BOSH, COSH, DOSH, ADOSH, IPGDOSH) * Age Limit 18 Years

  • The Professional Annual Membership fee is Rs. 5,000/-
  • The Professional Lifetime Membership fee is Rs. 20,000/-
  • The Professional Annual International Membership fee is $. 100/-

-Professional Membership Categories

Associate (AMPSC)
Specialist (SMPSC)
Chartered (CMPSC)
Fellow (FMPSC)

-Benefits of Professional Membership

15% discount on training registration with PSC;
Access to different training and education sessions organized by OHS;
Issuance of membership “E-Certificate” by council. This will be renewable every year;
Facility of profile page creation for professionals on the website / social forum of OHS;
Jobs notifications through different means including emails and social media
Issuance of half yearly Magazine;
Networking with other professionals related to the field of Health and Safety;
Helping in building the profile of professional to better serve the market and economy;
Access to workshops, exhibitions and seminars;
Networking with other professionals on Social Media including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;

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