Professionals Membership

PSC® realizes that professionals in different areas of the fields are the working force with expert knowledge and practical experience that drives an economy towards prosperity and growth.
The professionals contribute significantly in society through their work and professional behavior. True professionalism lies in creating other professionals through creating more jobs and businesses in an economy.

-Requirements of Membership

There is a minimum qualification requirement for membership of professionals, which are mentioned as follows:
* Graduate in any discipline * Diploma in HSE or OSH * Certification in HSE, (IOSH, OSHA, BOSH, COSH®, DOSH®, ADOSH™, ADSE™, IPGDOSH®) * Age Limit 18 Years

  • 1 Year Professional Membership fee: 5,000/- PKR
  • 3 Years Professional Membership fee: 10,000/- PKR
  • 5 Years Professional Membership fee: 15,000/- PKR
  • 10 Years Professional Membership fee: 20,000/- PKR
  • Lifetime Professional Membership fee: 30,000/- PKR
  • 1 Year Professional  International Membership fee is $. 100/-

Membership Categories

  • Affiliate (General):
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to individuals interested in promoting safety awareness. No specific educational or professional background required.
  • Associate (AMPSC®)
  • Eligibility Criteria:

    Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in a related field or equivalent experience. Minimum of two years of work experience in safety-related roles.

  • Graduate (GMPSC®)
  • Eligibility Criteria:

    Recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Demonstrated interest in health and safety

  • Specialist (SMPSC®) 
  • Eligibility Criteria:

    Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Minimum of five years of experience in a safety leadership role.

  • Chartered (CMPSC®):
  • Eligibility Criteria: Professional with a minimum of seven years of experience. Demonstrated leadership and significant contributions to the field.

  • Requirements: Submission of a detailed professional portfolio. Successful completion of the Chartered Membership Program (CMPSC®).

  • Benefits: Use of the prestigious CMPSC® designation. Recognition at PSC events and in PSC publications. Leadership opportunities within PSC committees.

  • Fellow (FMPSC®) 
  • Eligibility Criteria:

    Recognized leader with at least ten years of experience.Significant contributions to the advancement of safety practices.

  • Requirements:

    Submission of a comprehensive professional dossier. Successful completion of the Fellow Membership Program (FMPSC®).

  • Benefits:

    Use of the esteemed FMPSC® designation.Invitations to exclusive leadership summits. Advisory role on PSC policy and strategy.

  • Executive (EMPSC® for Board of Directors)

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Seasoned professional with at least fifteen years of leadership experience. Proven track record of shaping industry policies and practices.

  • Requirements:

    Nomination by current PSC Executive members. Approval by the PSC Board of Directors.

  • Benefits:
  • Board-level decision-making authority. Strategic involvement in shaping PSC’s direction. Recognition as an Executive Member of the Board, Chairman & CEO. 
  • These guidelines aim to ensure that each membership category reflects a combination of education, experience, and commitment to the field of health and safety, while providing members with tailored benefits that align with their professional development needs.

-Benefits of Annual Professional Membership

  • 15% discount on training registration with PSC®;
    E-Digital Certificate & Card” by council. This will be renewable every year;
    Jobs notifications;
  • Career Support; 
    Yearly Digital E Magazine;
    Networking with other professionals related to the field of Health and Safety;
    Access to workshops, exhibitions and seminars;

-Benefits of 3 to 10 Years Professional Membership;

  • Exclusive training discounts 15%  to 25%; 
    Annual EHS Award Nomination 
  • Access to different training and education sessions organized by PSC®;
  • E – Digital  Membership Certificate & Card;
  • PSC® SAP (Safety Ambassadorship); 
    Jobs notifications; 
  • Career Support;
    Yearly Digital E Magazine;
  • Well connected WhatsApp group; 
    Networking with other professionals related to the field of Health and Safety;
    Helping in building the profile of professional to better serve the market and economy;
    Access to workshops, exhibitions and seminars; etc….

-Benefits of Lifetime Professional Membership;

  • Exclusive Training:  Discounts (25% to 35%):

Members enjoy special discounts on a wide range of safety training programs, workshops, and certifications, enhancing their professional development at a reduced cost.

  • Annual EHS Award Nomination:

Members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or fellow professionals for the prestigious Annual Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Awards, recognizing outstanding contributions to the field.

  • Access to Training and Education Sessions:

Members gain access to a variety of training and education sessions organized by PSC, including webinars, seminars, and conferences, keeping them updated on the latest industry trends and best practices.

  • E-Digital & Physical Embossed Membership Certificate & Card:

Members receive a personalized digital and physical membership certificate and card, proudly showcasing their affiliation with PSC.


  • PSC SAP (Safety Ambassadorship):

Members have the opportunity to become Safety Ambassadors for PSC, actively promoting safety initiatives and contributing to the organization’s mission.

  • Jobs Notifications:

Exclusive job notifications are provided to members, connecting them with career opportunities in the health and safety sector.

  • Career Support:

PSC offers career support services to help members navigate their professional journey, including resume assistance, career counseling, and networking opportunities.
Yearly Digital E-Magazine:

Members receive an annual digital magazine featuring industry insights, success stories, and updates on safety regulations and practices.

  • Well-Connected WhatsApp Group:

A dedicated WhatsApp group facilitates real-time communication and networking among members, fostering a supportive community.

  • Networking with Professionals:

Members can connect with other professionals in the health and safety field, expanding their professional network and fostering collaboration.

  • Profile Building Support:

PSC assists members in building their professional profiles, enhancing visibility in the market and contributing to their career growth.

  • Access to Workshops, Exhibitions, and Seminars:

Members enjoy priority access to PSC-organized workshops, exhibitions, and seminars, providing valuable opportunities for skill development and knowledge exchange.

  • Industry Updates and Resources:

Stay informed with the latest industry updates, resources, and research findings, ensuring members remain at the forefront of health and safety advancements.

  • Community Engagement Opportunities:

Participate in community outreach programs and safety awareness campaigns, contributing to the betterment of society.

  • Special Discounts on Products and Services:

Access exclusive discounts on safety-related products, services, and publications, further supporting members in their professional roles.

By offering this comprehensive package of benefits, PSC aims to empower its members and contribute to the growth and excellence of the health and safety profession in Pakistan.