Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership
OHS also provides membership to organizations, as OHS believes that, future of people and professionals are created through working in different organizations. Organizations are platforms that provide opportunities to the professionals and people, for utilizing their skills, expertise and education in a particular field and build their career path.

-Requirements of Membership
There is a minimum membership requirement for organizations are mentioned as follows:
The organization is identified as firm or registered company as per law;
The membership fees is Rs.30,000/-

-Benefits of Organizational Membership:
25% discount for placement of advertisements in OHS magazine which is a periodic magazine related to Health and Safety;
OHS will nominate for winning awards based on the condition that organization fulfill criteria for winning awards;
Discounts on attendance of courses related to Health and Safety, organized by OHS;
Issuance of Membership E-Certificate;
Access to different exhibitions and seminars;
50% discount on minimum 30 persons’ attendance in HSE training sessions;
Organizations will be offered options to participate in seminars or workshops in different forms like establishing stalls etc.;
Support to the organizations’ employees in career and succession planning through training’s and courses;
Discounts of 50% on HSE inspection and audits;

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