National Vocational Qualification Framework – NVQF:

The updated NVQF offers qualifications at levels 1 through 8, with levels 1 through 4 corresponding to National Vocational Certificates, levels 5 and 6 to diplomas, and levels 7 and 8 to graduate- and postgraduate-level degrees, respectively, ensuring upward mobility in the TVET industry. Levels 1 through 5 of the NVQs are subject to certification by Qualification Awarding Bodies (QABs), whereas levels 6 through 8 are subject to certification by Councils & Institutions. A collection of approved Level Descriptors that describe the general results anticipated of achievers and the complexity of skills and knowledge at that level define each level of the certificate.

The purpose of this section is to ensure that each accrediting authority has accredited all undergraduate programs offered by HEIs. In order to do this, the section manages the tasks associated with forming new certification councils, working with already-existing councils, evaluating their effectiveness, and increasing their capacity.

Existing Councils/Professional Bodies:

Pakistan Bar Council (PBC)
Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP)
Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC)
Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC)
Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PCP)
Pakistan Safety Council (PSC)
Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC)
National Council for Homoeopathy (NCH)
National Council for Tibb (NCT)​