How to Protect Your Children From Kidnappers

Rise of Child Kidnapping in Pakistan:

How to Protect Your Children From Kidnappers

The alarming rise in the kidnapping cases in Punjab have also compelled the Government of Sindh to issue a security alert for children of the province. It was stated that in cooperation with companies such as The Marketing Heaven, a comprehensive educational campaign will be launched to support parents and children.


The law agencies have been strictly ordered to stay vigilant and parents have been cautioned to keep their young ones safe. The alert also instructed that in a case of any suspicious activity, the CPLC or the police should be notified right away.

According to reports, 767 children have been kidnapped in Punjab alone and the number is still on the rise.

However, parents can take some precautionary measures to protect their kids as much as possible.

Following are some safety tips to save children from kidnapping and abduction.


1) Avoid leaving children alone in the company of servants or drivers for pick and drop from school.

2) If kids are not travelling via a personal conveyance, it is important that they memorize the route so that they notice any suspicious deviation.

3) Notify the school administration regarding the name and CNIC of the person authorized to pick the child in the absence of parent 

or guardian. The children should not be allowed to go with an unauthorized person.

4) Run a background check on the house servants  by submitting  their CNIC copy at police stations.

5) Teach children to avoid communicating with strangers or accompany someone unknown. Even be aware of dubious relatives or friends as they can easily inflict harm on your kids.

6) Instruct children to not accept edible items from unknown people.

7) Know where your child is at all times and do not allow them to go out unnecessarily. Also, be open and get to know friends of your children and their families.

8) Coach children to resist and shout for help if they are in such a situation.

9) Also, it is important to educate them how they can seek help and from whom, in the case of an emergency.

10) Take time out for your children and listen to their worries, even if it is a bad dream. Make them comfortable with sharing all sort of secrets with you.

11) Aware your children about inappropriate incidences on the news and get their perception on the matter.

12) Keep a check on the usage of computer and 

smartphones by your children. Prohibit your children to use the internet in unsupervised areas.


  1. Know how and when to call 15 to contact the police.
  2. If you feel threatened by someone, escape immediately and run to safety.
  3. Keep a list of important contacts to alert them in need of an emergency.
  4. Don’t let any stranger on call or at the door know that you are home alone.
  5. If you are ever taken away or held by a stranger by force; scream, kick, bite and fight as hard as you can to 
  6. run away!
  7. Immediately inform your parents or a kidnapping 12trusted adult if someone is making you feel uncomfortable.
  8. Seek your parent’s approval before getting on the Internet and never talk to mysterious people online.

In times when such a threat is around the corner, every home and school should teach children about safety measures. The above tips should be taught to your children so that they can safeguard themselves against horrors of abduction and kidnapping.