3 Major Challenges for Future Safety

Safety is the term used for protection from known and unknown risks, usually it refers to external injuries and physical damages, with the changing world the threats to human life also changing, I shall try to explain 3 Major challenges which almost every human is facing!

Stress /mental pressure

As the speed of technological advancement going sky rocket, human dependency on digital and electronic gadgets has increased manifold, no one cares how much time he spends playing with the gadgets and on the screens, visual impairment and stress on minds are now very common among the people using electronic gadgets.

Damage to human physical structure

Very long and static postures in front of technology gadgets is like a silent killer for human body structure, bones related issues have increased manifold, mostly people ignore ergonomics in their work settings which is a damage usually overlooked but unfortunately the correction and cure for bone related illness are very limited.


This is something which is unseen killer, every human is exposed to uncountable low medium and high frequency radiations but unfortunately we are not aware properly so we do not care and gradually the health condition is deteriorating!

Although at present times we are facing these issues but the speed of the advancement in technology will definitely effect the human populations!

Start care today, save tomorrow!

Stay healthy!

Written by:

Mudassar Hussain